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We strive for Product excellence in everything we do to ensure highest standards of quality.

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We are committed to innovation and finding the next generation products .

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We value the relationships we have with our customers and remain committed to continuously improving upon our products.


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Santae Pharmaceuticals is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company based out of Bengaluru, India. We develop niche generic drugs with a expertise in development, including advanced scientific research, process development, patent analysis, regulatory compliance and market & competition analysis. We develop novel evidence-based therapeutics and products that aim to help millions of people.

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MRP Tab - The full redness package - Ferrous Bisglycinate, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Zinc Bisglycinate



For Better Cartilage Strength. Contains Glucosamine, Sulphate, Potassium Chloride, Diacerin & Methyl Sulphonyl Methane

Carticyte DN


Lica D - Faster relief from GERD.

Lica D